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      Andrew Lynch reviewing Owen Feeney AT

      May 2019

      I couldn't recommend Owen highly enough... and have been doing so to friends, family and gym buddies alike! I went to Owen with an ongoing hip / sciatica issue that no amount of yoga or pigeon pose would alleviate and was impacting on some of my lifts. Owen was quickly able to identify the problem area and addressed my symptoms with soft tissue massage. In order to manage the cause of the problem going forward he provided me with an escalating stretching routine (getting progressively more advanced and difficult as I got used to it) and monitored my application / practice of the routine to ensure I was doing them correctly and that they were effective. I've worked the majority the exercises into my daily and weekly regime as warm-up, post workout stretching and active recovery, and am already seeing an improvement in my squats and dead-lifts again. Thank you so much Owen.

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      paul Clifford reviewing Owen Feeney AT

      May 2019

      Owen is a fantastic phsio. His knowledge is outstanding.

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      paul Clifford reviewing Owen Feeney AT

      May 2019

      I have found Owen to be extremely knowledgeable and to really put you at ease with his understanding of all the issues I am facing. With current issues this is the first time I feel I am in good hands and we can work to solving issues that are there. Thanks Owen.

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Owen Feeney

Athletic Rehabilitation Therapist

Bsc Athletic Therapist, and named author from Dublin City University. Providing clinical, in-house, pitch-side, and event support and rehabilitation. Specialising in: Injury Prevention, Pre-Participation Screening, On-Field Emergency Care, Injury Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment, Rehabilitation and Reconditioning.Pre & Post Op individuals as well as injuries occurring from outside sport in everyday life. I have always tried to mix together good quality rehabilitation, exercise and the use of therapies to facilitate the best possible healing for each person, while allowing for each plan to be unique due to the individual nature of injury and rehab as a whole. Having played field sports for most of my life and having nearly a decade of time spent in and out of a gym, I have had my fair share of injuries both on and off the field. I understand that some injuries require a creative approach to produce the best outcome. I hope to be able to provide this creative approach while making sure each and every person fully understands their own injury and what each step of their rehab entails.

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